I started this writer website while I neared the completion of the first draft of my novel, almost a year ago. It was to be my internet calling card for when I started hunting down and courting literary agents and publishers. In hindsight, I probably paid a nominal fee to assuage my vanity, a year, maybe even two, (god forbid, hopefully not more), earlier than necessary. There has been little traffic to this website compared to my fashion blog, which is understandable because I post semi-regularly there, and at least until today, not at all over here. But it didn't mean I didn't occasionally think about blogging on my "professional writer" website, but I always came up scratching my head.

What would I write about over here? I wouldn't presume to talk about proper grammar, Lord knows I'm a guilty syntax sinner, but I get by, and a little better every day. Nor would I talk about my work-in-progress. I didn't want to create a situation where no one would buy the cow because I gave the milk away for free. (The cow being the book and the milk being the plot of the story, should a lowly syntax sinner such as myself be so lucky). If you want people to read your words, (and boy oh boy, writers do) there has to be a raison d'etre for any blog and/or story. There needs to be a driving force that brings people back to your site, or makes them turn the page of your book. There needs to be a burning question - Will this blog post fill me with wisdom I can apply to my daily life and help me succeed? Will the heroine get her heart's desire, after a little bit of trouble?

Yes. Let's go with that. This blog will chronicle my journey from dreaming about writing as a child, to developing a writing habit in my thirties, to the nitty gritty, down and dirty revelations of the craft, to hopefully, eventual publication and how I got there. The ups, downs, failures, successes, but most of all the lessons learned, and the magical friends gained along the way.